2016 Program Schedule

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Below is the program schedule for the 2016 ACC Legal Ops Conference.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Track: Optimizing Law Department Management
101 - How To Gain Traction; A Bootcamp For Leaders Of Early-Stage Legal Ops Functions
(ACC Legal Ops Members Only)
Learn from seasoned veterans about how to assess and prioritize needs, gain alignment with your GC and proceed along suggested roadmaps for putting key technology in place, establishing vendor management procedures, ensuring the right work gets into the right hands, and guiding it all through data analytics and KPIs.  

Diana Barlow, AVP Legal Operations, Voya Financial
Nicholas Bunin, Vice President Legal Operations & Technology, Fox Entertainment Group
Catherine Davis, Associate VP/Legal Ops & Administration, Apollo Education Group, Inc.
Danette Gallatin, Director of Legal Operations, Columbia Pipeline Group (CPG)
Bruce Goldberg, Director of Legal Operations, Allstate Insurance Company
Elizabeth Jaworski, Director, Legal Operations, Motorola Mobility, a Lenovo Company
Andrea Kirimis, Legal Operations Manager, Inventrust Properties Corp.
Peter Krakaur, Director, Legal Operations, Solar City
Mike Russell, Lean Leader - Legal Operations, Ingersoll-Rand Company
Aaron Van Nice, Director, Legal Operations, Baxter Healthcare Company

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Welcoming Reception
Graciously Sponsored by Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions

Thursday, June 23, 2016

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Your opportunity to connect in-person with peers to discuss and advance year-round collaborative projects such as identifying and sharing best practices, assembling repositories of tools and templates, and setting new standards.Your opportunity to connect in-person with peers to discuss and advance year-round collaborative projects such as identifying and sharing best practices, assembling repositories of tools and templates, and setting new standards.

301 - Process and Project Management Interest Group Meeting
(ACC Legal Ops Members Only)
The Project & Process Management Interest Group has been meeting monthly for presentations by seasoned Legal Ops professionals, as well as open discussion on topics of interest, relating to Legal process, project, and program management within member organizations.  We will assemble at the 2016 Annual ACC Legal Ops Conference to get familiar with current members, welcome new members, solidify or discuss 2016 – 2017 goals and topics and perform an Idea Exchange.
302 - External Resource Management Interest Group Meeting
(ACC Legal Ops Members Only)
Join this group to discuss nuggets from the recently published article series, “Unless You Ask,” which describes ways in which corporate law departments – large, small, or in between – can maximize the value of their vendor relationships. This meeting will also include brainstorming on projects - webinars, benchmarking, etc. - to undertake in the coming year. 
303 - Metrics & Analytics Interest Group Meeting
(ACC Legal Ops Members Only)
Your goal shouldn't be to buy players, your goal should be to buy wins." –
This quote from Moneyball is applicable to every legal dollar we spend.  Shouldn’t we all should be looking for value in how we spend our money and deploy our resources? If so, join the metrics and analysis interest group.  We will work as a collaborative group, network with other like-minded people and learn from each other on how to measure, monitor and predict using metrics.
304 - Litigation Support & eDiscovery Interest Group Meeting
(ACC Legal Ops Members Only)
- Continue to develop index of member service providers/applications
- Discovery services RFP’s- how to compare vendors.  Whether people are using discovery vendors who have combined technical and contract review services.
- Use of surveys that are available to help get metrics for changes you want to make. There are several annual surveys that are worth taking so you get the results.  (Annual Law Department Operations Survey,  Law Department Benchmarking Report)
- How to best leverage the power of our group to influence service providers to provide us what we need.  We are the client and can work together to influence change

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Opening Remarks and Keynote - The Changing Dynamics of the Legal Industry and Implications for Corporate Legal Change Agents

Jeffrey Carr, President, ValoremNext LLC
William Henderson, Law Professor & Researcher/Chief Strategy Officer, Indiana University/Lawyer Metrics
Catherine Moynihan, Senior Director, Legal Management Services, Association of Corporate Counsel
Mark Smolik, VP, General Counsel, Secretary, Chief Compliance Officer, DHL/Exel Inc.

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Track: Optimizing Law Department Management
401 - Process Optimization Drives Business Results in Legal Departments
Learn how leading legal departments have implemented automated workflow systems to unlock value. Email, spreadsheets, and telephone tag do not support measurable, repeatable processes. Legal operations functions ranging from matter-management to policy exception request processing can be described as processes, then automated and monitored. This panel presentation will explore workflow systems in use today, including implementation challenges, resolutions and lessons learned. 
Clifton Dutton, Senior Vice President, AIG
Resa Labossiere, Director of Legal Operations, Accenture
Brian McGovern, Legal Chief Data Officer, Senior VP, AIG
Dawn Radcliffe, Legal Operations Manager, TransCanada Pipelines Limited
Track: Innovation in Legal Service Delivery
402 - Innovation in Outside Counsel Management
Join the discussion about how in-house legal departments can influence change in the services that law firms deliver. From quality measurements based on user experience to changes in the delivery models, legal departments are becoming more creative about ensuring that they receive the utmost value from their law firm counter-parts. Nothing is off the table and everything is within reach in this critical time of change. Learn what you can be expecting from the law firms you engage.
Lucy Bassli, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft Corporation
Carla Goldstein, Assoc. General Counsel & Director of Strategic Initiatives, Bank of Montreal
Robert Harchut, Vice President & Associate General Counsel, GlaxoSmithKline

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM


1:15 PM - 2:30 PM

Track: Optimizing Law Department Management
501 - Experiences from the Field: Legal Ops in the Past, Present and Future
Sponsored by RGP Legal
In this hybrid expert roundtable and small group activity workshop, attendees will learn firsthand about the opportunities, challenges, struggles, and successes in introducing, championing, and executing legal operations practices and principles across diverse companies and industries. The expert roundtable, moderated by James Buckley, former Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Lockheed Martin and current Senior Practice Director for RGP Legal, will undertake an in-depth and personal exploration of the roles of leadership, culture, data, technology, and politics play in legal operations, direct from national leaders in the field.   After the panel, attendees will work together in groups, each led by an expert panelist, to collaboratively develop approaches to solving a sticky legal operations “problem.” Attendees will enjoy a rare and valuable opportunity to network, socialize, learn from their peers, and build skills in a non-competitive environment.

James Buckley, Sr. Practice Director, RGP Legal
Amy Gallent, Senior VP, Assoc. General Counsel & Chief of Staff, The Hartford Financial Services Group
Gregory Morical, Vice President & General Counsel, Calumet Specialty Products
Thomas Trujillo, Chief Operating Officer, Bank of America
Michael Tucker, Chief Legal Officer, Avis Budget Group
Track: Innovation in Legal Service Delivery
502 - Innovation in Law Department Operations: Enterprise Legal Management for the 21st Century
Sponsored by Onit
E-billing and legal spend management technology has been around for nearly 20 years yet legal departments still think ""innovation"" means tracking matters electronically and managing legal spend. This decades old technology does not serve the evolving needs of today’s legal department.  This session will highlight:
 - Benchmarks, metrics and analysis of current trends driving innovation and transformation in legal operations and performance management. 
 - Why systems of record are not enough to drive operational improvements and why traditional enterprise legal management (ELM) systems fall short.
 - The evolving role of legal and why process, workflow and collaboration are critical for legal departments to succeed. 
 - The existing ELM vendor landscape and why e-billing and matter management technology only represent a fraction of a legal department’s needs.

David Cambria, Global Director of Operations – Law, Compliance & Govt Relations, Archer Daniels Midland Company
Cole Morgan, Director, Operations Implementation, Onit, Inc.
Track: Metrics & Analytics
503 - Analytics 2.0: Extreme Makeover – Law Department Metrics Edition
Sponsored by HBR Consulting
In this panel discussion, Law Department Leaders will share their experience on how they are finding success in consolidating multiple data sources and dashboards to capture, organize and report key information to increasingly add value for their clients. This session will show examples of how moving from Excel based dashboards to fully dynamic and interactive approaches can drive operational improvements that add value, lower risk, and reduce costs. Panelists will discuss how they are uniting key departmental data sources and metrics – such as outside spending, internal resource allocation, contract analysis, budget reporting, and benchmarking data – to drive operational efficiencies and ultimately increase client value.

Juanita Luna, Director, Office of the General Counsel, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Molly Tynan Perry, Chief Operating Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Scott Springer, Senior Director, HBR Consulting

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM


3:00 PM - 4:15 PM

Track: Optimizing Law Department Management
601 - Demonstrating the Value of the Legal Team: Create a True Competitive Advantage for the Enterprise
Sponsored by UnitedLex
As corporations continue their efforts to cut costs and improve profitability, traditional “cost-centers” like legal departments are now expected to re-examine their operations and come up with new ways to contribute value – providing strategic services, generating revenue and optimizing legal spend. Today, legal is tasked with controlling costs, balancing variable workloads against fixed budgets and reporting their performance to the board – just like every other department. 

How can legal be more proactive and effective, yet stay within its current budget. What are the most effective methods for budget, revenue and profit forecasting. Which performance metrics are likely to be most compelling to the board. This session will explore strategies for demonstrating value, including: insourcing, creating effective alternative fee agreements with vendors and outside counsel, maximizing headcount, integrating proven business principles into legal operations, establishing proactive patent enforcement strategies, and leveraging the right technologies to make litigation more efficient and cost-effective.

Joseph Colaiano, Director of Legal Operations, Mayo Clinic
Nancy Jessen, Senior VP - Legal Business Solutions, UnitedLex
Elena Kraus, Divisional Vice President, Commercial Legal Services, Walgreen Co.
Track: Innovation in Legal Service Delivery
602 - Self-Service Compliance, Preventive Law & Outside Counsel: A New Model
Sponsored by Neota Logic Inc.
Across a global company, business operations every day raise legal, regulatory and compliance questions that are too routine, repetitive, or organizationally dispersed for consultation with the Law Department to be practical or cost-effective. Yet wrong answers can have serious consequences—small individually, big in the aggregate. Examples: Data privacy & security; independent contractor classification & overtime exemption; export controls; environmental and workplace regulations; consumer financial services; NDA’s and other contracts; tax treatment of transactions; records retention & disposition; advertising & promotions; work visas. With Artificial Intelligence driven expert systems, lawyers and business people create self-service compliance applications that answer the straightforward questions, gather facts about the hard questions, and route those to the Law Department for resolution—anywhere, anytime, on any device. Results. Improved service to business clients. Reduced risk of litigation or regulatory mishap. A more efficient model for utilizing  outside counsel—smart applications automating routine advice with counsel-on-call for the not so routine, provided for a value-based fee.

Matt Gillis, President, Neota Logic
Carla Goldstein, Assoc. General Counsel & Director of Strategic Initiatives, Bank of Montreal
Elizabeth Jaworski, Director, Legal Operations, Motorola Mobility, a Lenovo Company
Jeffrey Sharer, Co-Chair, Data Law Practice, Akerman LLP

4:15 PM - 4:45 PM


4:45 PM - 6:00 PM

Track: Optimizing Law Department Management
701 - Workshop: Find Solutions to Real-Life Change Management Challenges That You Face
There are few constants in business today, but change is one of them. The truth is, organizations, and the people within them, are dealing with more change than ever before.  With that comes the need to be more aware of change and the predicable change cycle, as well as learn how to better influence adoption and commitment to various changes to help drive success.  This workshop will highlight key change management tools and give you the opportunity to work on a change management plan for your own key initiative.

Beth Murphy, VP of Organizational & Leadership Development, Coverys
Track: Innovation in Legal Service Delivery
702 - Simulation Chamber: An eDiscovery Role Play
A role play simulation of a fictional exchange between a protagonist, a leader in Legal Operations of a large company who is an advocate for controlling costs without materially affecting risk, and an in-house litigator (the antagonist) with little exposure to eDiscovery who is an advocate of mitigating risk with little or no acknowledgement of costs (sound familiar?). Come prepared to be amused while learning how to manage competing objectives - a starring role for legal ops pros!

Brett Durand, Senior Director, Legal Operations, Pfizer Inc.
Track: Metrics & Analytics
703 - Metrics and Analysis Playbook
Most groups capture metrics and what each company tracks but that is incomplete information.  The key to leveraging metrics is to figure out how others utilize them (in what context) and how it shapes the company's behavior. Leaders of the Metrics & Analysis Interest Group will survey some of the mature organizations and develop a detailed approach to metrics and share them with the ACC audience, benefiting all organizations that want to leverage meaningful metrics to drive the value of legal services.

Laura Caponi, Head of Legal Operations - Legal & Compliance, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Christina Jackson, Legal Operations Specialist, General Electric
Brian McGovern, Legal Chief Data Officer, Senior VP, AIG
Sowmyan Ranganathan, Senior Director, Legal Operations, AbbVie

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Evening Reception
Graciously Sponsored by LexisNexis | CounselLink

Friday, June 24, 2016

8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Your opportunity to connect in-person with peers to discuss and advance year-round collaborative projects such as identifying and sharing best practices, assembling repositories of tools and templates, and setting new standards.Your opportunity to connect in-person with peers to discuss and advance year-round collaborative projects such as identifying and sharing best practices, assembling repositories of tools and templates, and setting new standards.

801 - Internal Resource Management Interest Group Meeting
(ACC Legal Ops Members Only)
The Internal Resource Management Interest Group’s efforts in 2016 have focused on preparing for the June 22nd "bootcamp" for leaders of early-stage Legal Ops functions. Topics for this meeting include defining the legal ops role / GC alignment, staffing optimization, vendor management, technology tools, and data analytics/reporting.  Our meeting will focus on soliciting ideas for our next round of work streams to provide value to our members.
802 - Tools & Technology Interest Group Meeting
(ACC Legal Ops Members Only)
This Interest Group meeting will feature discussion of best practices for sharing technology information; a recap of the contract management system webinar; ideas for future technology webinars to be scheduled throughout the year; the newly compiled Technology Vendor List for the group, as well as other collateral currently being developed.
803 - Strategic Planning Interest Group Meeting
(ACC Legal Ops Members Only)
The Strategic Planning Interest Group will focus time in two areas during our time together:
1. A group discussion on sources and processes for understanding macro issues or changes that could impact an industry or company and influence
strategic planning of a company or legal department; and
2. Discuss the focus of the interest group over the next year and what we want to accomplish.
804 - Healthcare Manufacturers Industry Group Meeting
(ACC Legal Ops Members Only)
This meeting will focus on 1) getting to know one another better through discussion of topics like our respective structure/resources, biggest challenges and opportunities, top priorities, experience with acquisitions & divestitures, and what’s keeping us up at night; and 2) identification and prioritization of topics for further discussion at the meeting, potentially other in-person meetings and on future cadence calls.  New members with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing companies are welcome.

9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Track: Optimizing Law Department Management
901 - Information Governance Life Cycle - Expected and Unexpected Challenges
Sponsored by Consilio
This session will discuss the overall components of an Information Governance Program, including considerations for challenges you will face such as Legal Hold, Third Party Vendors, Outside Counsel. It will also explore the role of data analytics supporting the integration of e-discovery and information governance and will discuss practical approaches organizations are taking to leverage data analytics tools for the proactive management of information, allowing for defensible disposition, while improving access to information needed for discovery and supporting ongoing business decision-making.  The session will also broadly touch on other areas that are critical to Information Governance such as data security/privacy, regulatory requirements, PII, personnel data and physical access. Post conference, we plan to follow up this session with webcasts that are more specific on the various parts of Information Governance.

Lisa Girmscheid, Manager, Legal Operations, Rockwell Automation
Doug Kaminski, Senior Director, Consilio
Vanessa Lozzi, Senior Legal Technology & Litigation Support Admin., Flagstar Bank, FSB
Christine McKinney, CP, CEDS, Senior Paralegal, Commercial Operations, Navistar
Tom Morrissey, Senior Director, IT Legal Ops & eDiscovery, Purdue Pharma LP
Track: Innovation in Legal Service Delivery
902 - Contract Lifecycle Management: Contracts Drafting and Administration Revisited
Sponsored by Integreon
Many companies have improved distinct elements of the contract drafting and administrative process. This panel examines the benefits of taking a fresh, holistic look at the entire process and taking advantage of process improvement techniques and technology to make transformative and practical improvements. This panel will consider three approaches: (1) Developing an internal contract drafting Center of Excellence, (2) transforming the contract management function through alternative resourcing, and (3) exploring new technologies to reengineer the way we draft and measure our contracts.

Sierra Budelli, Legal Operations Manager, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Genaro Lopez, Director, Enterprise Records & Info. Management, Nike, Inc.
Jason Smith, Senior Director, Legal Counsel, APTTUS
Katy Werner, Director, Legal and Business Solutions, Integreon
Shari Wilkozek, Lead Counsel, Global Sales, Motorola Mobility, A Lenovo Company

10:45 AM - 11:15 AM


11:15 AM - 12:30 PM

Track: Optimizing Law Department Management
1001 - The Legal Ops Investor
Sponsored by Elevate Services
Legal Ops leaders must make difficult choices with limited funds,
weighing the pros and cons of competing options. This session will explore how to maximize the value of those decisions through small group exercises and discussion. With a hypothetical budget to invest in legal ops projects/initiatives drawn from real-world examples, small groups will decide how to allocate their funds, discussing how they’ve used their funds and why. Facilitators will help participants draw practical conclusions that can be applied to their real world legal departments.
Kunoor Chopra, VP, Legal Services & Strategic Accounts, Elevate Services, Inc.
Matt Todd, Managing Director, Legal Business Solutions, Elevate Services, Inc.
Track: Innovation in Legal Service Delivery
1002 - Workshop: Lean Forward … and Beyond
Sponsored by Seyfarth Lean Consulting
Many organizations have robust and mature process improvement programs spanning across most functional areas - with one exception, the law department.  Lean leaders have been challenged on how to apply lean methodologies, techniques and tools to the practice of law.  With continuing cost pressures and unrelenting focus on “doing more with less,” law departments are looking for that silver bullet.  Lean can be eaten in small bites, using different tools to address process variation and identifying wastes.  Make the 5 Whys a part of your daily vocabulary and other simple tools.  For bigger challenges, the lean framework can be invaluable and lead your department on a journey worth exploring.  In this session, learn how to speak the language of continuous improvement and how lean thinking and tools are relevant and practical to legal - not just the other areas of your organization.

Lisa Damon, Partner, Seyfarth Lean Consulting
Marybeth Greaney, Sr. Specialist, Counsel Admin. & Legal Tech., United Technologies Corporation
James Michalowicz, Senior Manager - Legal Ops Business Performance, TE Connectivity
Trevor Torrence, Counsel & Manager Legal Operations, Sears Holding Company
1003 - Advancing Law Firm/Department Collaboration; A Think Tank For Seasoned Legal Ops Professionals and Invited Guests From “P3” - Law Firm Pricing, Project Management and Process Improvement Pros.
By invitation only
Small groups will come up with ways to reduce areas of friction in law firm/department operational relationships, from matter pricing & budgeting to integrating matter project management and measuring the value of AFAs (without shadow billing).  Opportunities to join working groups to follow-through on the best ideas will follow!
Reese Arrowsmith, VP, Head of Operations, Campbell Soup Company
Christopher P. Ende, Managing Director, Pricing & Project Management, Goodwin Procter
Carla Goldstein, Assoc. General Counsel & Director of Strategic Initiatives, Bank of Montreal
Keith Maziarek, Head of Strategic Pricing, DLA Piper
Tom Orrison, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

12:30 PM - 1:15 PM

Lunch & Conclusion of General Meeting

1:15 PM - 2:30 PM

1200 - Pop-Up Roundtables
Your opportunity to get together with peers for roundtable discussion on hot topics that arose during the conference.

Tables will be designated for:
 ◦    Data Analytics, Financial Management, Reporting
 ◦    Staffing Optimization & Vendor Management
 ◦    Tools and Technology

ACC Legal Ops Steering Committee members and Interest Group leaders will be on hand, and on the alert for table topics throughout the conference - let them know if there's anything you want to probe with fellow members.
ACC reserves the right to modify program content at its discretion.
This program is eligible for CLE/CPD credits. Sessions that may be eligible for ethics CLE/CPD credit are noted.
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